Coaching Creates the Future!


First of all, let's clarify what coaching is and how it's different than therapy.


Simply, Therapy heals the past and Coaching creates the future!

Therapy is intended to heal past wounds and trauma.  While coaching can be therapeutic because we do look to the past to understand how or why things are the way they are now, coaching is focused on moving you forward and creating the life that you desire, not going back and trying to fix what's already over and done with. 

I coach individuals whose committed relationships are no longer meeting their needs, wants and desires and support them in re-kindling the romance, connecting their hearts, and creating their dreams with each other in every aspect – mentally, emotionally and physically.

When we work together, we look at what’s working and what’s not working not only in relationship, but in your life, as we can't truly compartmentalize our lives.   We all grow and change over time, so the answers to your relationship might not be the same as they were when your relationship started.  

As your coach, I'll help you explore your life, your heart and your relationship.  We will find ways to play and to practice and to grow your relationship.  


While anything meaningful in life may require effort, working on your relationship shouldn't feel like another to-do list item or another obligation.  It should spark some enthusiasm, fun, adventure and reconnection with each other.


My hope (and goal) is that our work together is also something that you look forward to and that we can find more opportunities for laughter than tears (although tears are welcome)

Coaching can take place through:


  • Private sessions - Over the phone, or Zoom

  • Group coaching - Zoom 

  • Workshops

Curious if this might be for you?  Want to learn more?  Questions? I invite you to reach out so we can have a conversation!