Relationship & Intimacy Coaching

Level Up the
Partnership, Passion and Play
so Your Relationship Never Grows Old (even when you do)!

We love being in a relationship….until we don’t. 


We love all the feelings that come with being newly in love. We love the flirting, the affection, the play, the silliness, the adventure, and of course…the sex!  


And then somewhere along the way, responsibilities take priority.  The kids, the aging parents, the careers, the house chores. 


So tired.  Conversations are about what’s for dinner.  Maybe throw in a "Netflix and Chill" night every couple of weeks. 


Missing the flirting?  The affection? The deep conversations?  The connection?


If it feels so wonderful, why is it so hard to get back? I bet you tried doing what you did when you first had those feelings but my hunch is it didn’t really work or at least not for long.


Can I let you in on a secret?


The secret is that you’ve changed.  Your partner has changed.  Life has changed.  This isn't bad, or wrong, just facts. 

If it’s all changed, doing what you used to do isn't going to get what you used to get! 

OK, People!  Let’s get it back.   Hey, let’s go BIG!  Let’s not just get it back.  Let’s make it BETTER!! 


Let’s dig deep to figure out what it is you REALLY need, want and desire NOW and go get it - not just from your relationship with your partner, but also with your relationship with YOU!

Let's make it FUN first!  No one needs another thing added to their to-do list.


Kindle the Romance!  Connect Your Hearts!  Create Your Dreams! 

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Connect Your Hearts.png
Create Your Dreams.png

Have fun! Play is the way!


Bring play, silliness, quality time, affection, flirting and sex back into the relationship! Find and do things that bring you enjoyment. (Don’t worry, I help you figure out what this looks like for you!)

Once you've kindled the romance, you've set the groundwork for deeper conversations, for opening your heart and growing your intimacy with each other.

You are always changing. Life circumstances are always changing. While you might want the feelings back you had when you first met (which is OK!) you are are a different person, so your relationship wants, needs and desires are most likely different as well.  Create your relationship to make it what you want, need and desire NOW.

A thought or two about sex. . .

We all deserve a romantic relationship that fulfills all our needs - someone to share all of the highs and lows, joys and struggles that we experience throughout our lives.  A special benefit of that commitment is an intimate relationship with that person.  I use the word Intimacy very intentionally.  Anyone can have sex with anyone at any time.  But being intimate with someone is more than sex; it's openness, honesty, vulnerability, feeling worthy and desired, unconditional love.  


When we practice intimacy, it creates opportunities for more fun, play, connection, adventure both in and out of the  bedroom.  However, intimacy inside the bedroom doesn't wait for intimacy outside to be perfect, or vice versa. Intimacy needs to be practiced inside AND outside of the bedroom at the same time. 

I'm here to help you figure out what it is you want, need and desire.  I'm here to help open up the conversations, to support you in creating that piece of your relationship that means so much more than most people want to admit.


Let's talk!